A Busy Teacher’s Guide to Entering the Reading Challenge

In the run up to our deadline on Wednesday 2 May, you might be thinking about submitting your entry. Our challenges are open and submitting an entry is EASY – you’ve already done the hard work. Every school that submits will receive a free Party Pack to help you celebrate your pupils' reading journeys.  Everything you’ve done to build a reading culture is relevant and we want to hear about it, in any format you choose.

What’s the right challenge for me?

Our challenges are flexible and you can enter as many or as few as you like! Choose from:

  • School (or GME) Reading Journey, a description of your progress in building a reading culture no matter where you started
  • School and Community Partnership Reading Journey, an account of how you have built partnerships with your local library, families or community groups
  • Pupil Reading Journey, a response to a reading experience from an individual, group or class
  • School Reading the Most Books, total number of books read across your school this year, which will be averaged
  • Pupil Reading the Most Books, the name of a pupil you wish to highlight and the number of books they have read this year

You can find a more detailed description of each challenge here.

What does an entry look like?

Make life easier for yourself by thinking about what you already have – there’s no need to give yourself extra work! You can be creative in your choice of format but here are some examples:

Make a Mind Map

A great way to show us the scope of your project at a glance. You can take a photo or scan your mind map and easily upload it as an attachment.

Film a Video

We love to see your reading culture in action and hear directly from your pupils. We accept a range of video formats including iMovie, .mov, or .mp4 files, for example.

Create a Photo Diary

Why not use the photos you’ve been taking throughout the year and sharing on Twitter to illustrate your journey. You could collate them however you like - as a PowerPoint presentation, Adobe Voice, Book Creator or in a Word document.

Draw a Picture

This is an easy way for pupils of all ages and abilities to respond to their reading experience. It helps if you include a short paragraph to give us context for the drawing, either from your point of view or the pupil themself. You can take a photo of the drawing or scan it to upload.

Put it in Writing

A written entry to a challenge could come in many forms; maybe you’ve been updating your school community through a blog, have written a story, applied for our Inspiring Classrooms funding or you just love writing a report! You can use what you’ve already written as part of your challenge entry, uploading it as an attachment or typing directly into the form.

How do I enter?

Log in to your account, choose the challenge you wish to enter and click on the submission button. If the challenge you’re looking for isn’t there, speak to your school’s key contact who can submit on your behalf.

You can either type straight into the description box and/or upload attachments, then click submit.

Please get in touch with us if you have any problems – there are no silly questions and we will make sure we can accept your entry! You can email us at readingchallenge@scottishbooktrust.com or phone us on 0131 524 0160.

We hope this blog has given you the confidence to submit an entry for this year’s Reading Challenge – remember, it’s the little things you see and hear every day that show how far your school has come, so please share them with us so we can celebrate with you!

Mind Map