Daisy and The Trouble with Sports Day

Author: Kes Gray
Illustrators: Nick Sharratt
Age group:
Random House
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English
Available Formats: E-book, Paperback

This is one instalment in the series that charts the many trials and troubles of Daisy as she negotiates her sometimes difficult, confusing and bizarre journey through school.

Daisy has never been a very big fan of sports day. From loud whistles to throwing things made of foam and having to pronounce the names of pastas, there’s lots about it that troubles her, but after her friend Gabby is injured, Daisy attempts to overcome her problems and win the race for her best friend.

The interactivity of the series is what really makes Daisy jump from the page. From fun illustrations and cool codes that link to a trouble index listing every obstacle in Daisy’s way, to a sports day quiz designed to test your memory, the pages are full of imaginative ways to tune into Daisy’s unique way of viewing the world.

- Nicola Brown, Teacher

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