Danger is Everywhere: A Handbook For Avoiding Danger

Author: David O'Doherty
Illustrators: Chris Judge
Age group:
Type of book: Non-Fiction/Fiction
Available Languages: English, German
Available Formats: Audiobook, E-book, Hardcover, Paperback

Everyone knows that the only safe way to get rid of a bee in your house is to dress as a queen bee and have it follow you out, but what do you do when a toothbrush snake goes up your nose? Or you think your Granny’s been replaced by a robot? Or it SNOWS?!

In Danger is Everywhere, Docter Noel Zone (Docter’s his first name. I am a good speller!) explains, among other things, PEBBs (Personal Emergency Bum Bags), T-CODs (Tiny Capes Of Dangerology) and LOFDing (Looking Out For Danger) while taking you through his TTTFADIES (Top Ten Tips For Avoiding Danger In Everyday Situations).

Thanks to this hilarious, brilliantly illustrated guide, you’ll be well on your way to earning your Level One DOD (Diploma Of Dangerology). Just be ready for anything and be sure to watch out for the page nine scorpion!

- Fiona McDonald, Bookseller at Blackwell’s

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