Demolition Dad

Author: Phil Earle
Illustrators: Sara Ogilvie
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English
Available Formats: E-book, Paperback

Jake Biggs loves two things more than anything else: his demolition-man dad, and wrestling. Watching his dad wrestling is best of all. The trouble is, Dad wants to keep the wrestling a secret but Jake is bursting with pride and wants the world to know.

When Jake hears that Grapplemania are looking for a new star he can’t resist. He’s going to get Dad to join the competition . . . even if it means entering him in secret. What could possibly go wrong?

Do you like the idea of reading about a manmountain of a dad? Who usually spends his days smashing down buildings? And then tries his luck in the world of Spandex costumes, body slams and blood-curdling battle cries? Then look no further. When you’re in the mood for laughout- loud fun, with dollops of danger, then Demolition Dad is just the book you’re looking for.

- Louise Kelly, Writer & Portobello Book Festival Organiser

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