Elf Girl and Raven Boy: Fright Forest

Author: Marcus Sedgwick
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: Danish, English, Japanese
Available Formats: E-book, Paperback

When a tree falls in a forest and the only people around to hear it are a feather-flecked boy who talks to animals and a girl with pointed ears and a little bit of magic in her blood, does an adventure ensue? You bet it does.

The first story in this series takes Elf Girl and Raven Boy into the heart of Fright Forest in order to try and thwart an ogre who is destroying their home.

While dodging danger and becoming friends, they also pick up a few unexpected companions (and dastardly enemies) along the way, all beautifully punctuated by Pete Williamson’s black and white ink-flood illustrations. After surviving Fright Forest, I’m sure you’ll want to follow these two into all sorts of trouble as the books take them out into bigger, scarier and ever more exciting worlds.

- Candice Purwin, Illustrator

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