Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: School of Meanies

Author: Darren King
Illustrators: David Roberts
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: Czech, English, German
Available Formats: E-book, Hardcover, Paperback, Talking Book

Ghost School is stupid and rubbish, and, um, I'm not going to Ghost School ever again!' Bumping is Humphrey Bump's best thing - even better than cakes and lollipops! But the nasty headmaster at ghost school doesn't agree. He expels Humphrey for - you've got it! - bumping. So the other ghosties - Agatha, Tabitha and Wither -find Humphrey a place at still-alive school. They are also on hand to help him make friends. Wither invisibly writes a spooky poem on the board, Agatha sends children whirling into the clouds, and they all whisp out of Humphrey's satchel during lessons. The still-alive children are so mean they only run away. But they are nothing compared to the still-alive headmaster who is the biggest bully ever. Can Humphrey gather all the ghosties together to fight the bully, save the school and make lots of new friends?

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