George's Secret Key to the Universe

Author: Lucy and Stephen Hawking
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish
Available Formats: Audiobook, E-book, Giant Print, Hardcover, Paperback, Talking Book

George doesn’t have a computer and wants one. He’s also lonely and wishes his life was exciting. When his pet pig leads him into out-of-bounds NEXT DOOR, the extraterrestrial excitement begins. NEXT DOOR is where genius scientist Eric and his daughter Annie live, plus Cosmos, the world’s most advanced, topsecret computer. They are exploring the universe. George joins them. So does Eric’s arch-enemy!

This is a good versus evil story with a difference. It’s gripping. It’s funny. There’s an evil scientist to outwit, black holes to get out of and the universe to travel through. Learn about planets, asteroids, comets, the Milky Way, black holes and more, with awe-inspiring photographs and mindexpanding facts.

This book is by Lucy Hawking and her dad, Stephen Hawking – the most brilliant scientist since Einstein. For anyone keen on unlocking the secrets of the universe, this book is a must.

- Janis Mackay, Writer

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