Groosham Grange

Author: Anthony Horowitz
Illustrators: Tony Ross
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English, French, Spanish
Available Formats: Audiobook, Braille, E-book, Hardcover, Paperback, Talking Book

When David is expelled from school for terrible grades, he is sent away to Groosham Grange, where a bad report card is the least of his fears. At Groosham, the French teacher is a werewolf, the assistant head is a vampire and the headmaster has more than just one head. Soon, David realises he’ll be lucky to get out alive, never mind with full marks. There’s definitely somehting very strange and rather nasty going on at this school - the question is, what’s David going to do about it?

I loved this book when I read it at the end of primary school. It’s perfect for anyone who has ever felt a little bit different or scared of fitting in. It’s packed with some really good jokes, and even more terrible ones. It's funnier than Harry Potter, scarier than The Worst Witch, and silier than David Walliams. If you want to read something hilariously horrible and horribly hilarious, this is the book for you.

- Simon Ewing, Bookseller at Waterstones

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