Invisible Fiends: Mr Mumbles

Author: Barry Hutchison
Age group:
Harper Collins
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English
Available Formats: Paperback

Like a scary story? Like to feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise as you turn each page? Well, this is the book for you!

As a young boy, Kyle invented his imaginary friend Mr Mumbles, but as he grew older, Mr Mumbles was laid to rest in the furthest corners of Kyle’s imagination. Now Mr Mumbles has come back and he doesn’t like to be ignored. He’s looking for revenge – in a big way.

Kyle is fighting for his life . . . or is he? Is Mr Mumbles real? He seems frighteningly real to Kyle. And who is the strange girl who has come to help him? So many questions to be answered. Can Kyle find the reason for the return of Mr Mumbles or has he already run out of time? Find out in this creepy and enchanting story about invisible friends – and enemies.

- Jennifer Broadley, Teacher

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