Manfred the Baddie

Author: John Fardell
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English, Spanish
Available Formats: Giant Print, Hardcover, Paperback, Picture Book, Talking Book

No doubt about it, Manfred the Baddie is the baddest baddie in the whole world. Ever! Just look at him with his brawny henchmen, diabolical contraptions and shark-faced grin. He’s a thief, a pirate, a kidnapper, a bully. No wonder nobody likes him.

But that’s the big problem for Manfred. Despite the heaps of priceless jewels and his wonderful art collection, he doesn’t have anyone to comfort him when he falls ill. Maybe he should become Manfred the Goodie?

John Fardell’s glorious fantasy is a mix of traditional picture book spreads and comic book styling, using frames and speech bubbles. It makes the story fun and accessible whether reading aloud or alone.His illustrations are wildly detailed, brimming with imagination, demanding many re-readings.

It’s witty, warm-hearted and feelgood through and through. A true gem from one of Scotland’s most uniquely talented illustrators.

- Keith Gray, Writer

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