Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island: The Lost Children

Author: Gillian Philip
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English
Available Formats: Audiobook, Braille, E-book, Paperback, Talking Book

A strange island packed with eerie statues, ominous warnings and enough secrets to mystify even the most curious mind; not what Molly expected when she travelled by seaplane to begin her summer at Ravenstorm Hall.

When her brother Jack disappears, she and her cousin Arthur (an unlikely duo) are compelled to join forces to save him. Against a backdrop of enveloping mists and scary silhouettes, they embark upon a quest to uncover the island’s mystery. Do they have what it takes to solve the best kind of puzzle, the magical kind?

Perfect for a brave and curious spirit with an uninhibited imagination, this is a fast-paced adventure brimming with intrigue and magic! Like everything I loved to read growing up, I was entangled in the plot twists and reaching for the next in the series before I knew it. It’s a real gem of a book.

- Jen Harwood, Scottish Book Trust

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