A Slightly Jones Mystery: The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul

Author: Joan Lennon
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English
Available Formats: Paperback

In Victorian era Great Britain, aspiring detective and Sherlock Holmes super-fan, Slightly Jones, has only one objective in mind – to be as great as the famous detective himself!

When thieves target Glasgow’s Hunterian museum and priceless artefacts seem to disappear into thin air, amateur sleuth Slightly is soon hot on the trail. As the mystery deepens, the suspects are as strange as the conundrum itself, including a one-legged man and his trained ape. Even a haunted graveyard falls under Slightly’s watchful eye.

The book is teeming with a real sense of the period, creating a wonderful (although sometimes macabre) depiction of the harsh climate of the Victorian era, while still capturing the joy of discovery and invention that was so celebrated at the time. Sometimes bleak but constantly enthralling, this is a real page-turner and a great choice for aspiring sleuths.

- Nicola Brown, Teacher

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