Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders: Egyptians

Author: Tony Robinson
Age group:
Type of book: Non-Fiction
Available Languages: English
Available Formats: Audiobook, E-book, Paperback

Join Tony and the Curiosity Crew on a journey through ancient Egypt, discovering some of the strangest, funniest, and most curious facts!

Did you know that one block from a pyramid weighs the same as a humpback whale? Or that ancient Egyptians ate mice cooked in oil as a cure for grey hair? Discover loads of facts and stories about fascinating mummies, strange-looking gods and fighting Egyptians in this fun non-fiction book. The Curiosity Crew bring the stories to life by appearing on every page with lots of photographs, cartoons and drawings.

I loved discovering more about the ancient Egyptians and really enjoyed that this book had lots of amazing facts that I didn’t know. I even learned an Egyptian joke! Since reading it, I’ve looked at our ancient Egyptian objects in the museum differently – now I know some of their secrets!

- Sarah Cowie, Learning Officer (Schools) at National Museums Scotland

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