Vulgar the Viking and the Great Gulp Games

Author: Odin Redbeard
Age group:
Nosy Crow
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English, German
Available Formats: E-book, Giant Print, Hardcover, Paperback

Every year, the village of Blubber competes against the neighbouring town of Gulp in the Viking Games, and every year, the Blubberers get thrashed. Convinced he can do better this time, Vulgar starts training – with comically catastrophic results – but worse is to come when he arrives at the Games to discover he and his friends have all been mistakenly entered into the goat hurdling! And when Vulgar’s arch-enemy Gunnar turns up in the same event, the stage is set for the most ill-tempered and chaotic goat-hurdling race in Viking history.

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