Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?

Author: Lauren Child
Age group:
Type of book: Picture book
Available Languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish
Available Formats: Hardcover, Paperback

Herb loves books, but books don’t really love Herb. Instead of just reading them and looking at the pictures, he draws on character’s faces, rips out pages and shoves them back in the wrong way. He even drops food on them.

Then something amazing happens, something we’d all secretly like to try – Herb falls inside his book. There he meets a screechy-voiced Goldilocks, a Queen with a drawn-on moustache, Cinderella missing her Prince Charming (Herb cut him out) and other wellloved characters Herb has mistreated.

The idea behind Lauren Child’s book is so unusual, it’s impossible not to get drawn into it. Although it’s not just the words she’s written that entertain, it’s the way she’s written them. Text drifts across the page in different fonts and sizes, while Herb’s scribbles, food splodges and rips are scattered throughout – and, as with all Child’s books, her wonderfully quirky illustrations bring the story to life.

- Kelly Apter, Arts Journalist

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