The World of Norm: May Contain Nuts

Author: Jonathan Meres
Age group:
Type of book: Fiction
Available Languages: English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Swedish
Available Formats: Audiobook, E-book, Paperback, Talking Book

Life isn’t fair. Norm doesn’t understand his family. His dad is currently out of work and stressed out and his Mum is obsessed with the shopping channels and constantly buys things that they don’t need. He hates that they’ve moved to a new house and his younger brothers are just so annoying; like midges, no matter how much you swat them away, they always come back.

All Norm dreams about is a new bike and becoming the youngest ever mountain biking champion. Life would be so much simpler if he had been raised in the Belgian rainforest by zebras.

The writing is witty and thought-provoking all the way through and, more than that, it’s often laugh-out-loud funny. The start of the book when Norm, disorientated by the move mistakes his parents’ bedroom for the bathroom, sets the lighthearted tone and, throughout all his trials, Norm still has his dreams of being a World Champion.

- Julia Williams, School Librarian

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