Inspiring Classrooms

Welcome to Inspiring Classrooms!

Bring reading to life in the classroomInspiring Classrooms is a project created by the First Minister’s Reading Challenge to help schools build and sustain a reading culture.

Schools can apply to Inspiring Classrooms to receive a small grant for a project of their choice which includes an author visit and books for Primary 1 – 7 children taking part. The total amount of each grant is expected to be up to £500.

Schools can apply to carry out an Inspiring Classrooms project at any point in their reading journeys and, if successful, could use the grant to:

  • inspire a reading culture at the outset of the project
  • motivate readers already participating in the Reading Challenge
  • celebrate achievements made by pupils participating in the Reading Challenge 

Inspiring Classrooms projects can also be used to facilitate professional learning and inspire teachers to embrace a reading culture within their schools. 

More information about Inspiring Classrooms for authors can be found here.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications is 12pm on Friday 16 February 2018.

Schools that applied for funding in the previous round (deadline of Friday 17 November 2017) should now have received a decision. If you have not please get in touch on

Who can apply?

Primary Schools across Scotland can apply for the Inspiring Classrooms project, however, we also encourage schools to work with their local libraries to deepen engagement with it. 

Schools must have registered for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge in order to apply for Inspiring Classrooms, however, it is not a requirement for your school to have entered or plan to enter a specific challenge.

Even though Inspiring Classrooms is a project for pupils in Primary 1 – 7, schools are welcome to invite pupils from other year groups, staff, families and local communities if it is relevant to their project. 

Both schools that received funding in 2016/17 and schools that have been unsuccessful with previous applications are welcome to submit an application for funding.

Terms and conditions

To apply for Inspiring Classrooms there are some terms and conditions. These are:

  1. Applications must be made by Primary Schools
  2. Schools applying for Inspiring Classrooms must have registered for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge on the website but are not required to enter any specific challenge
  3. As Inspiring Classrooms is part of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, grants must be spent on events and materials for Primary 1 – 7 pupils. Other pupils, staff and parents may be involved but the focus of the event and the grant must be on Primary 1 – 7 pupils
  4. Inspiring Classrooms grants must be used in the school year in which they are awarded. That means the project must happen before the end of the summer term in the year the grant is issued
  5. Inspiring Classrooms grants must be used to pay for a visit from an author, from the Live Literature database, the author’s travel expenses and books or other reading materials for the children taking part in the event. Grants must not be used for any other purposes. Further details will be provided to successful applicants but key terms and conditions are:
    1. There is a standard fee for author visits and it is non-negotiable. This is £175 per visit. An author visit will last approximately one hour. This amount must be paid directly to an author delivering a visit and schools are responsible for contacting authors, arranging visits and ensuring timely payment
    2. The author’s travel expenses must be paid. An Inspiring Classrooms grant allows schools to pay author travel expenses up to a total of £50. If travel expenses are likely to be greater and you cannot pay these from school funds, you must apply to Scottish Book Trust for extra funding before you book the visit.
    3. The remainder of the Inspiring Classroom grant must be used to purchase books and other reading materials to support the event
  6. There must be a designated Project Coordinator at the school who is the main organiser of Inspiring Classrooms. Project Coordinators are the main point of contact for Scottish Book Trust and are responsible for ensuring all other terms and conditions of Inspiring Classrooms are met
  7. Some authors have disclosures but they do not need to have one to be on the Live Literature database or to carry out events. It is the Project Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that the session is supervised at all times by someone appropriately qualified to do so. The Project Coordinator should also make sure that authors have enough support throughout the session. In schools, it is not part of an author’s fee to maintain the discipline of the class during the session – there should always be enough members of staff present. Authors should not be left alone with pupils
  8. Evaluation feedback must be given after the event to describe how the grant was used and the impact it had. This can be done in any format that interests you and is appropriate to the type of event you held

Please make sure you have read and understood these terms and conditions before making your application. We recommend that you make your head teacher aware of them too. By making an application, you are confirming that your head teacher agrees to these terms and conditions and they are required to sign the application form.

How to apply

Please fill in our application form, and see our guide for further information at the bottom of this page.

If you would like some ideas about the kind of author events you could have as part of your Inspiring Classrooms project, have a look through our Authors Live videos, and our author database to see which authors you could invite to visit your school.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about Inspiring Classrooms and how it can support your school on its reading journey, please email us at


Key facts for authors:

  • Each author will be paid a set fee of £175 by the school
  • Each visit will last for approximately 1 hour
  • Visits can occur in any Primary School across Scotland. Travel expenses will be paid by the school using the Inspiring Classrooms grant. You must confirm this before confirming the booking.
  • Inspiring Classrooms is for children in Primary 1 – 7, but schools can choose to involve other age groups, school staff, families, local libraries or any other members of the local community
  • Authors & illustrators from any literary form and children’s age range are included, including poetry, picture books, graphic novels and short stories
  • Authors must be registered on Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature Database to participate in Inspiring Classrooms. See our website for information on how to join our database here

Timeline and key dates

Below is our Inspiring Classrooms timeline including information about Inspiring Classrooms. If you have been selected for an Inspiring Classrooms author visit, you will be invited by the school’s Project Coordinator from January 2018. If you are unable to attend the proposed event, please notify the Project Coordinator as soon as possible as they will need to arrange an alternative.

1st round of funding – now closed for applications

  • 17 November 2017 – Application deadline
  • 18 December 2017 – Notification of outcome
  • January 2018 – Funding distributed
  • January – June 2018 – Events held
  • June 2018 – Evaluation feedback deadline


2nd round of funding – open for applications from 8 January 2018

  • 16 February 2018 – Application deadline
  • 9 March 2018 – Notification of outcome
  • March 2018 – Funding distributed
  • March – June 2018 – Events held
  • June 2018 – Evaluation feedback deadline